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Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale — a tale of a toy show on a ship.

The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (ASTRA) has revealed plans to set sail next year with the ASTRA Toy Boat. The floating trade show will hit the open waters in what ASTRA says is "a warm location" from Feb. 20-24, 2023.

ASTRA says that the decision to have a February show was motivated by the Reimagining of Toy Fair New York, James Zahn – March 15, 2022 to being a fall show beginning next year.

"At our in-person board meeting this weekend at the conclusion of ToyFest West in Las Vegas, our board of directors brainstormed about this innovative format for a winter toy trade show that will combine a focus on new products early in the year, order-writing, relationship-building, and lots of family fun," says ASTRA President Sue Warfield.

Beyond the trade, ASTRA says that it hopes to combine a traditional toy industry trade show experience with a community element by inviting families to come aboard and interact directly with toy and game manufacturers.

Following the move by The Toy Association to revamp Toy Fair New York, ASTRA sent out a survey to members and non-members alike. The organization says that the key takeaways were that the industry wants a February in-person show with a focus on new products early in the year. ASTRA says that "the ASTRA Toy Boat meets all these needs and combines it with the opportunity to make it a family vacation."

Details on the ASTRA Toy Boat, including the cruise ship provider and all related pricing, will be revealed in the months ahead.

Mar 15, 2022 to Aug 30, 2022 (GMT-5)

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