ASTRA's Certified Play Expert program is back



We have revised and updated our Certified Play Expert Program and it will debut, live, for a two-day course the two days prior to Marketplace & Academy in Long Beach on June 10-11.


There is a cost to the program, but the benefits – both for you, personally and for your business - will be well worth our reintroduction special cost of $299 per person for the two days of training.


For those that had previously paid for our on-line version and did not complete it before we changed systems, please contact Sue Warfield at

We are working on getting all our educational offerings updated and back online and we can work with you on the in-person program if you want to attend.

What is the Certified Play Expert Program?


Parents and buyers depend on the specialty toy industry for toys that are loads of fun for kids, and promote healthy, developmentally appropriate play at the same time. Becoming well-versed in the art and science of play is an important business strategy that leads to differentiating your products or your store from the competition and builds trust with your customers.


Earning the ASTRA Certified Play Expert credential will deepen your knowledge about child development and the importance of play – through ALL ages!


Participants will get top-quality, research-based instruction in several core areas, including theories of child development, characteristics of major developmental stages, types of play and their benefits, advocating for play, and making sense of play. 


Don't take it merely from us...


"Play is the highest form of research," said Albert Einstein.


Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw had similar thoughts...


 "We don't stop playing because we grow old," he said. "We grow old because we stop playing."


Come stay young with us in Long Beach!


Where: Hyatt Regency Long Beach

When: Friday June 10 and Saturday June 11

Time: 8 am – 5 pm each day


Continental Breakfast and Lunch is included each day


Cost: $299 per person –


Space is limited so REGISTER early!

Also, if you haven't registered for Marketplace and Academy yet, you can still do so HERE